What I can do for you

My main purpose is to spread knowledge of the importance of lifestyle changes and our food choices  to as many people as possible! Information that sometimes isn’t made available because of vested interests in the medical/pharmaceutical world, where natural therapies can’t be patented and therefore are not financially interesting.

But these natural therapies are interesting to US! They often provide solutions to our ailments that don’t have dangerous side effects – that can come by simply changing our life style; by eating REAL FOOD that our grandparents would have recognized, by keeping hydrated and by getting the sleep our body and mind need. The road is there for us to take -simple – step by step! You can decide to take those steps and regain your health, your energy and your lust for life.


We are bio-individual beings! No one solution works for everyone! We simply need to listen to our bodies and find out what is needed or what we must avoid. Most of us have a very good idea about what we SHOULD be doing to obtain better health but often don’t have the support we need to achieve our goals. Find someone that will hold you accountable when you get started on your new path! Maybe someone who also needs help in keeping on track.

As a lifestyle coach, I am taught to help with this ongoing support and help you navigate in this world of contradictory nutrition and health advice and together explore what truly works for you.

If you are interested in working with me, book a free consultation and we can see how we can work together.