Food Revolution Summit starting 29 April!!

This is one of the best organizations around – an organization creating awareness of what is happening to the food around the world and the need to make our own personal choices that will help to change this. Awareness is a key. We need to question – to research – to make sure that the produce we are eating, the food we are putting on our table, is food that is not poisoning us with chemicals, sweeteners, colorings.  We need to eat REAL FOOD. Food that our grandmothers would recognize. Real food is ONE INGREDIENT! It’s not 15 of which we can’t pronouce any!
Take 11 minutes just to listen to the first speaker – Ocean Robbins. There you will understand what this movement is about and why it’s critical to our health and the health of our loved ones that we become aware of what is happening and how it is negatively effecting the health of people around the world!

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