Cannabis Oil!

We are the CEOs of our own health! Curious! Proactive! We need to be these things. We need to be informed . Cannabis Oil is one of those subjects we should know more about!

But don’t be stressed by the thought! Feel instead the enormous satisfaction of discovering – uncovering – truths that are not always readily available to the general public.

I have been listening to a series on the internet called “The Sacred Plant” in which 7 experts and many testimonials are heard relative to the use of medicinal cannibis.  The seven doctors interviewed describe cannibis oil and the health benefits that are possible from its use.  The strong anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis oil on a large number of auto-immune diseases such as cancer, MS, diabetes  and  more can, according to these and other experts in the field, be lifechanging and we can learn how this is possible.

Take a look at the following to learn more..

  1. The United Patients’ Group or UPG with website:
  2. Myriam’s Hope with website:

Enjoy your research and spread what you learn! You may be saving relatives and friends much suffering!





  1. Malin Basil 17 juni, 2017 at 16:00 - Reply

    That sounds amazing, but how do you get ahold of cannabis oil? Is it by prescription only, do you hav to go to your doctor? Or is it available through any other channels?

    • Janet Riben 9 juli, 2017 at 17:28 - Reply

      Hi Malin! Thanks for your interest! It is indeed an exciting thought that Cannabis Oil or rather CBD oil is now available legally and can help with so many problems. It is available in Sweden through and their oils can also be found in Rimbo at one of my favorite health stores, The testimonials are so inspiring. If we have health problems, don’t we need to explore all the possibilities for a solution! To find a doctor that works with the whole body, that looks for reasons for your health problems and doesn’t just give medications that cover up the symptoms is great. There are a few around. Ask at your favorite health food store, ask friends that have found their own solutions to health without the usual pill solution. Diet change can bring about fantastic results. Or perhaps lifestyle choices? Look at your own situation – your own health picture. What do you intuitively feel you need? We often know the answers ourselves without ever having to visit a doctor. There is a lot of information available. Check out Or other websites you see on my website.

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